Free Gerry Adams! 02/05/2014

I would like to send all my solidarity to Gerry Adams and to all the Irish republic movement. When the enemies of peace strike, it means we are on the right track. The day of freedom and equality will come. Viva free Ireland

Congratulations to the Gvt of Colombia and the FARC 28/11/2014

I feel very honoured to receive the invitation to sign the Manifesto for Peace and Justice for Colombia.*
Unfortunately, and for reasons everyone knows, I can’t be there so I send this brief message of support and salutations.

I wish to congratulate the government of Colombia and the FARC for their bravery, political maturity and historical responsibility that they have demonstrated throughout this making it irreversible. I am convinced that the exploratory dialogues with the ELN will soon have the same positive results, and I appeal to them for that.
I also congratulate the people of Colombia, to the political, social and institutional forces of the country for their untiring support and work to achieve a just and lasting peace for this Colombia that we feel so close to us.
I end this encouraging you to continue to smile, to smile because you and we are going to win the Peace that we deserve so much.

* The Manifesto for Peace and Justice for Colombia was presented in an international seminar held in Donostia San Sebastian in support of the Colombian Peace Process.

Arnaldo Otegi, from the Logroño Prison.

Chavez lives, the struggle continues! 04/15/2013

I want to send from my cell my most sincere congratulations to all of the comrades of the PSUV for their electoral victory. Today, all of those activists who aspire for the Independence of the People and an egalitarian social model feel more sure and optimistic on the path we began. Today the Venezuelan people of the Left and all the Peoples of the World take a lesson that must guide us in our political work: only from solid projects, only from unapproachable arguments… will we build the Alternative that brings together the great popular majorities. Venezuela has a model, the Basque Country must find its own… they can’t be equal… but they must share the desire to develop a just and egalitarian society.

Zorionak! Chavez lives, the struggle continues!

Arnaldo Otegi

Hope in Greece 25/01/2015

I would like to join to all the congratulatory messages sent to the noble and courageous Greek people who once again gathered in the great Agora and who has begun building a new smile that speaks of equality, justice and freedom.
Our smile against their hatred… The same one without a doubt we will have in a free and socialist Basque Country.
Because we will achieve a Basque state only by building a national and popular project for and with our people and our workers.

A seductive and indestructible mass weapon is our smile.

Arnaldo otegi , Logroño prison