The campaign “Free Otegi – Free Them All” wants to take another step forward and transform a call for freedom into a freedom song. To do this, musicians, singers and artists from Euskal Herria have joined this international campaign to record a song and a video clip they want to spread worldwide. A sum of voices to respond to the attempt to silence a voice. Singing to claim the right to speak.

The cast and crew have already met. The composition of song and the production will be performed by Joserra Senperena. The letter is the work of writer Edorta Jimenez. The singers who will take part are Sorkun Rubio, Furia, Ines Osinaga (Gose), Maite Arroitajauregi (Mursego), Joseba Tapia, Francis Diez (Doctor Deseo), Niko Etxart, Unai Iturriaga, Aitor Gorosabel (Su Ta Gar) Asier Serrano, Jon Gurrutxaga, Uxue Alberdi, Petti, Oier Aranzabal (Lou Topet) and Xabi Solano (Esne Beltza). And Rafa Rueda, Karlos Aranzegi, Migel Artieda and Iñigo Egia will also be involved in the study recording.

The goal, is to create and spread by all possible means both traditional and on the net – a song and a video clip in Basque, Spainsh, English and French so that the “Free Otegi – Free Them All” campaign, has not only voice but also music. As their manifesto says “For humanity. For justice. Because we believe in a solution without winners and losers. Because we believe in peace. Because of all this, we ask to Free of Arnaldo Otegi and to bring Basque Political prisoners home to the Basque Country”.

To do that the crew and cast has launched a crowd-funding initiative on Karena.

free otegi them all-Kantuz