Today in the Boise Jaialdia begins the main event which brings together the North American diaspora. With the motive of this event we wish to announce that Basque-Americans from the USA also adhere to the campaign “Free Otegi, Free them All!”.

Together with Joseba Zulaika and William Douglas, members of the Board of Directors of Basque Studies Center of Reno, Nevada, who have already expressed their support with relevant progressive figures of the USA, Basques from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chino, Bakersfield, Nevada, Boise, Seattle, Miami, Washington, New York or North Carolina demand the freedom of Arnaldo Otegi.

Among the signatories it is worth pointing out the former President of NaBo (North American Basque Organization) Steve Mendive or the current delegate Philippe Acheritogaray as well as the majority of professional Jai-Alai players of Miami.

After the presentation of the personalities and of the diaspora of the United States, the campaign will continue gathering adhesions and they will be made public in the coming months.