When the news of your death struck us
I’m sure all of us in prison thought the same:
it could have been me, it could have been any of us!
And we made your parents, friend and beloved ours.
And now, when your body goes amongst ikurrinas
when I saw on TV, the violent silence of people has touched me…
And I have imagined the leaders of the Abertzale Left repeating
The words said by Palmiro Togliatti when the secretary general of the Italian Communist Party
was close to death after an attack on him, with love, with Responsibility! Tell our people to stay calm
When I have switched off the TV, I’ve listenned to ALBINONI’s addagio in your honour, I’ve remembered
something a friend told me sometime ago: The Basque Country is a Country condemned to death!
And as I did then, with more reason I want to tell you: No!
The Basque Country is a Country, a people, that lost its fear of death long ago..
which loves live…
as you do, as we do…