Congratulations Kurdistan 2013/04/03

I want to send you my most sincere congratulations, for the people of Kurdistan as well as for the comrade of the PKK imprisoned in a Turkish jail Abdulla Ocalan, for the brave and elaborated decision to abandon arms and to use only democratic measures.

I wish you the greatest luck in the world so that the path undertaken brings freedom to your people. On this path, we will be with you in solidarity.

Arnaldo Otegi (from Logroño´s prison)

To the Argentinian Comrades! 04/10/2013

To the Argentinian comrades!

Through this necessarily brief message I would like to send you in my name as well as on behalf of my imprisoned comrades my most sincere thanks for your expressions of solidarity and the petition for freedom expressed by numerous personalities of your country.

Today, on a planet where grave and various crises converge (economic, energy-wise, ecological…) without a doubt values play a fundamental role in the effort for the social transformation of our People. And among these values, without a doubt solidarity (against indifference or complicity) forms and indispensable part of those of us who aspire to definitively transform the world into a great Country where all human rights (national or social) are for all human beings. We won’t give up until we achieve it.

A warm embrace from the Logroño prison,
Arnaldo Otegi

Bye Mandela 2013/12/05

For a revolutionary there is no more stricter judge then its conscience, nor there is a more powerful weapon then showing example.

It has become now more and more evident that the enemies of peace are the same enemies of equality and freedom of the people.

There is one thing we would like to tell you from the Basque Country: Whereever you are, smile with us, because we are continuing the struggle.

Hamba kahle Madiba!

Thank you and until we overcome!

Hasta la victoria!

From the prision of Logroño. Arnaldo Otegi

Palestine 01/04/2014

Thinking that later it will be too hot
she has decided to leave early…
Before leaving, she has taken the key his dad gave him before passing away
She has taken it in her hands
Bih, heavy and even if it has started rusting
she has looked at it with love… before putting it in her pocket.
She has left home, and on the path on the left
she has started.
She has seen that the earth is dressed in the special colours
given by the dryness…
Finally she has arrived to the space surrounded by olive woods
and she has put her regard unconsciously on the skyline
she has put down the key and sited down, stresslesly
with a slow motion….
Once again she has remembered looking at the key
that it opens the door of the house they were forced to leave in Palestine-
If there is door now… or a house…
And while she is deep in those thoughts the wind has started blowing
moving the olive branches… and then, when she
olibo ardaskak mugituz… eta instant horretan, txoriak
has seen the birds flying against the wind she has remembered
that sometime someone told her: One day
the wind of history will also change in Palestine. Maybe.
Arnaldo Otegi,

Free Gerry Adams! 02/05/2014

I would like to send all my solidarity to Gerry Adams and to all the Irish republic movement. When the enemies of peace strike, it means we are on the right track. The day of freedom and equality will come. Viva free Ireland