I want to bring up a reflection that Comandante Fidel Castro proposed on the murder of Che Guevara:

If we ask ourselves how we want our children to be, we will answer: we want them to be like Che. I bring up this quote because, with due respect to the differences, a while ago a person and a militant from whom I learned a lot has left us.

I never heard him raise his voice in debates, he never made explicit in public his criticisms in public if it would hurt the Abertzale Left, he was always on the front line, he was always there when I and we needed him, he was a communist militant, he was a great Abertzale, he was one of those who always reminded me (for example when he introduced me to the waitresses of the Batzoki in Ibarrangelu) that I should never forget that the bases of the PNV are made up of the popular classes… I don’t say that he was perfect, my wife always defined him as a great gentleman… and for me an example and a great teacher so you’ll allow me to tell you if you ask how I want the militants of Sortu to be I’ll tell you: I want them to be like Txomin Ziluaga, like so many others who have preceded us and have left us in this battle for freedom and socialism.

Thank you very much,
Eskerrik asko!

*EAJ: Basque acronym for PNV, Basque Nationalist Party