They have woken up early, cold can be felt.
Good morning darling, says her mum with a loving look.
She has taken breakfast slowly, cleaned her face, dressed up…
Meanwhile her mum has taken the blue and white bag bought in the shop and then they have left the house turning the key three times.
They have arrived to the square without escaping the nets of dreams.
Holding her mum’s hand she listens the good mornings shared by those that take the same bus every week. Kids don’t have the energy for such things.
The journey is too long, heavy, tiring— and mum tries to put the kid to sleep, and she makes it… but only after a few kilometres, she opens her eyes and asks: How far yet mum? … a little yet darling… sleep a little bit. The same question and same answer will be heard a number of times during the journey.
They have finally arrived. From the cold of the Basque Country to the light and warm of Al-Andalus… They have quickly entered the visit, she has shown dad the last drawing made on the school, and told him, proudly that she takes care of mum, and that she is telling him that she behaves, when she has looked his dad on the eyes and asked. When are you coming home dad?
And the prison officer has entered the room and said “visit is over” and when listening they have given the last kisses, the last smiles… I love you, says the prisoner on the last instant… once in the street again, they have gone to the bus, everyone has come out of the short visit happy, and sad, full of energy… and tired… on the way back we will listen again, how far yet? How much time yet?… and while thinking on the visit a smile will come to her lips.