The Diaspora of the United States expresses their support for “Free Otegi, Free them all!”.

Today in the Boise Jaialdia begins the main event which brings together the North American diaspora. With the motive of this event we wish to announce that Basque-Americans from the USA also adhere to the campaign “Free Otegi, Free them All!”.

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Presentation of the US endorsers

The support of 29 personalities from the United States of America has been presented in the declaration “Freedom for Arnaldo Otegi; Basque prisoners” in an act celebrated today, 15th July, at the Aquarium in Donostia.

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Illustrious faces of Catalan culture and politics join the campaign

Report published by Gara.

Important names from Catalan culture such as Luis Llach, Jaume Cabré and Montserrat Carulla, as well as political representatives yesterday joined the campaign “Free Otegi, Free them All”. They did it in an act which took place in Barcelona, at which participated, among others, Gabriela Serra, August Gil de Matamala and close friends and family members of the prisoner in Logroño.

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Basque Cultural Creators support the Campaign

Basque Cultural Creators have shown their support for the Free Otegi, Free Them All Campaign today. In a roundtable held in Donostia’s DOKA Kafe Antzokia.

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EFA supports Free Otegi Declaration


On it’s General Assembly 2015, held in Bautzen from 17th to 18th April, the European Free Alliance, a European party conformed among others by Scottish SNP, Welsh Plaid Cymru and Catalan ERC, has adopted a motion regarding the situation in the Spanish State and specifically supporting the Declaration

EFA denounces that the Spanish central state refuses to acknowledge the principle of self-determination ignoring and blocking modern democracies that develop within the territory of the Iberian Peninsula, and denounces the Spanish Government attitude against peace building and reconciliation in the Basque Country. EFA renews its support to the International declaration to free Arnaldo Otegi and to bring political prisoners home, signed in Brussels on 24th March 2015.