I feel very honoured to receive the invitation to sign the Manifesto for Peace and Justice for Colombia.*
Unfortunately, and for reasons everyone knows, I can’t be there so I send this brief message of support and salutations.

I wish to congratulate the government of Colombia and the FARC for their bravery, political maturity and historical responsibility that they have demonstrated throughout this making it irreversible. I am convinced that the exploratory dialogues with the ELN will soon have the same positive results, and I appeal to them for that.
I also congratulate the people of Colombia, to the political, social and institutional forces of the country for their untiring support and work to achieve a just and lasting peace for this Colombia that we feel so close to us.
I end this encouraging you to continue to smile, to smile because you and we are going to win the Peace that we deserve so much.

* The Manifesto for Peace and Justice for Colombia was presented in an international seminar held in Donostia San Sebastian in support of the Colombian Peace Process.

Arnaldo Otegi, from the Logroño Prison.