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Irish Appeal: Free Otegi, Free Them All!

The Irish Appeal for the release of Arnaldo Otegi was launched in Leinster House on the 19th November, with the intervention of Basque Musician Fermin Muguruza, Basque Senator and Human Rights Lawyer, Urko Aiartza and Irish Artist Robert Ballagh, during the event a short film about Otegi was screened.

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Over 18,000 people join the March for Otegi and Diez and demand justice and peace

More than 18,000 people joined the march convoked by the platform “Otegi Askatu, Politika Askatu” and the “Free Otegi, Free them All” initiative to demand the freedom of Arnaldo Otegi and Rafa Diez. Arkaitz Rodriguez, Sonia Jacinto and Miren Zabaleta were released six days ago and they led the march together with the sons of the two independentist leaders who are still in prison. Rodriguez asked for the mobilization of today “to be permanent”. NAIZ (translated by Free Otegi)

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26 MEPs endorse the declaration

This Thursday a list presented of European deputies who support the international declaration in favour of the freedom of Arnaldo Otegi and bringing Basque political prisoners back to the Basque Country. At the initiative of the Basque Friendship Group (a support group in the European Parliament for the peace process in the Basque Country) 24 deputies representing three parliamentary groups (GUE/NGL, EFA-Greens, ECR) have pointed out the importance of releasing the general secretary of SORTU and bringing back Basque prisoners as “key for advancing in the peace process”.

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“La Directa” 8-10-2015

Arnaldo Otegi in “La Directa”: “The state tries to play chess with boxing gloves and it is simply impossible”

This interview was carried out by Gemma Garcia for La Directa, which published it on the 8th October 2015, instead of a face to face interview, Arnaldo Otegi’s inprisonment conditions forced him to respond to a previously set questionnary.

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Ghjurnate Internaziunale and Palestine

The expressions of international support multiply for the declaration “Free Otegi, Free them all!”

The international Delegations who met this past weekend in the Ghjurnate Internaziunale of Corti signed the declaration Free Otegi and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine painted on the wall of shame the proclamation “Free Otegi”.

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